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Chinese Culture Poster Series

Infographics and Data Visualisation about Architecture Pattern, Nature Pattern and Social Pattern

September - November 2016


Information Design, Data Visualisation, Infographics, Graphic Design, Illustrator, Poster Design, Chinese Culture


Chinese traditional culture poster series is a series of works for my data visualisation class. In this project, I have to deal with quantitative information and show bilingual information clearly.

The first work features information about ancient Chinese compass which is called Sinan in Chinese. This piece shows an architecture pattern, which means an artificial system. Information on this compass is not only about direction indicating, it's also closely connected with systematic Tao philosophy, for instance, celestial stems, earthly branches, twenty-eight lunar mansions and Bagua, which ancient people could use as a fortune-telling thing.

The second work is about twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two pentads in traditional Chinese agriculture. This piece shows a nature pattern. Farmers observe nature patterns and conclude farming rules years after years and eventually divide one year into 24 terms which indicates cultivation preference and nature laws. In this piece, color in each block indicates temperature during that 15 days.

The last one is designed to show culture exchanges and trade on the silk road in the past thousand years. This piece shows a social pattern.

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