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a training bike simulator for first-time bikers

October 2016 - February 2017


Installation, Branding, Graphic Design, Wood Working, Laser Cut


Cymulator is a wooden installation which my teammate Merrilee Pan and I made for Cyclopedia, a non-profit organisation for kids in underserved family to ride bicycles to exercise, explore the neighborhood and make friends.

Cymulator is essentially a bike ride simulator. It allows kids to ride a stationary bike while watching a responsive video from a first-person point of view biker. The speed of the peddling determines how fast the video plays, so if the kid peddles quickly, the video will speed up.

We see Cymulator can be brought integrated into other after-school programs during the school year to help promote Cyclopedia. Cymulator is a good solution because it has the potential to help kids get over their fear of riding a bike.

We had the opportunity to test with two groups of kids. We got kids from Playtech which is an event held by Parsons inviting high school kids to play games and interactive multimedia projects made by school students. And we also tested with kids from PS 198 in East Harlem. Then we brought this project to Immersive Storytelling held by NYC Media Lab where people could ride on the bike to explore either New York City streets or Central Park.

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