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Pet Whisper - Paper Me Usable

app for pet keepers to understand pets’ language

November 2016


User Experience, User Psychology, User Research, Interaction Design, Paper Prototype


Paper Me Usable is a paper prototype practice I did for people who love animals to get better understanding of animals’ behaviours using their body language.

There are three different categories of audience I was targeting from the start. First is primary school kids who are interested in animals and have needs to enjoy their time in the zoo while keeping safe. For these people, they might ignore the danger of signals of aggressive animals. Second is pet keepers whose needs are to keep pets healthy. For these people, the pain points are the neglecting of dangerous signals of sickness. Third is wild explores who need to keep safe while hiking and exploring in the nature.

For the final prototype, we choose pet keepers as our target audience and made an paper app for those people to get a better understanding of their pets so they could get along better and be aware of pets’ sickness as soon as possible.

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