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Sinan Interactive Website

philosophy inside the ancient Chinese compass Sinan

December 2016


Information Design, Data Visualisation, Interaction Design, Web Design, Creative Coding, Infographics, Poster Design, Chinese Culture, Illustrator, Html/Css, Javascript


This website is an interactive version of my first poster in Chinese Culture Poster Series. It features information about ancient Chinese compass which is called Sinan in Chinese. This piece shows an architecture pattern, which means an artificial system. Information on this compass is not only about direction indicating, it's also closely connected with systematic Tao philosophy, for instance, celestial stems, earthly branches, twenty-eight lunar mansions and Bagua, which ancient people could use as a fortune-telling thing.

In this website, besides the overall function of guiding directions, users could get a gradual understanding of Sinan by checking layers one by one and get details about each element.

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